Sunday, October 20, 2013

Do you read what I read for photographic news?

There are a number of sources for information about digital cameras, whether they are dSLRs or mirror-less system cameras.  I'm not entirely trusting of many, especially when brand fanatics are behind them.

Here are some I read:

What Digital Camera is my go-to magazine and website.  They say what's on their minds and seem to be the less biased group of all.

DPReview probably has the most users of any forums, and the people behind the website do very intense reviews.  I find them to show their bias against equipment that isn't Canon or Nikon from time to time, but they generally do a good job and are worthwhile.

These people are good at making news useful in succinct articles.  They also have a gear-related reviews site.

Mr. Robichaud takes time to test and show people how to get things done, in a personal way that is both useful and endearing.  He talks mostly about micro Four-Thirds equipment at the moment but includes a Canon perspective at times, which is rather useful for those not quite ready to throw away everything.

Mr. Wong recently became an Olympus Malaysia employee but has been bringing interesting insight into Olympus equipment for some time now.  He has a sharp eye for street photography, especially in Kuala Lumpur.

The person behind this web site talks about micro Four-Thirds and Fuji equipment and does a real world style of testing that is useful and informative.

This site, perhaps obviously, has news and rumors about micro Four-Thirds and Four-Thirds equipment.  As with any rumor, anything is possible but I only believe it after I see it.

Related to the site are:

Are there other web-based sources?  Of course, there are but I don't use them normally.  Be sure to carry some salt with you when you visit sites, as you'll need to take some advice with a grain of salt.

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