Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I want an iPad! No, not that much, really.

Okay, well, I wouldn't mind, but I'm not that enthusiastic about the newest iPad.  There are plenty of people who are.

If I were going to get a tablet, I'd rather wait for the rumored 7.85 inch version of the iPad that should be available about September.  While the bigger one is more useful at home, the smaller one would be more useful for me on the go.

There are situations where the iPhone (or my previous LG Optimus S) display is a bit small, especially when you're trying to show other people things.  You don't want to drag out a notebook computer because it is a lot of mess and the keyboard probably won't get you any closer to the result you want.

There are tablets at 5.x inches and I don't see the advantage.  They're just a bit bigger than phones and the resolution isn't enhanced, so you end up squinting at the display anyway.

There has been a lot of talk about the warm spots on the new iPad.  Those deserve a big yawn.  How many people put a laptop computer on their lap, when it wasn't safe?  How many still do it even after all the warnings about it cooking personal things?

My computer is showing a CPU temperature of 58 degrees C and the enclosure temperature is 31.  That's similar to the iPad when it's running at full tilt, though with the batteries charging, it goes a bit higher.  Is that really a cause for concern?

The anti-Apple people have been talking about how many Android tablets have been sold, but what they never seem to say is how many are being used.  They can tell with the 3G-data-enabled models if they're activated for a data plan.  What I've seen is that there are a lot of tablets just sitting on the shelves, iPad included.

What do people actually do with them anyway?  I can't imagine several million people playing Angry Birds.  Could it be that they're updating Yelp, as I do too often?

Maybe, they're watching NCAA basketball?  Why am I not?  I got this March Madness app and I've been playing with it and it has live video, though I haven't spent that much time with it.  it's sadly amusing that you'll watch an advertisement, then, it will switch to the video feed, and you'll watch more advertising from the show itself.  CBS is the Commercial Broadcasting System, right?

Oh, I got two notices on Twitter that Apple is giving away the new iPads and I could one just by visiting some web address.  How could I have been so foolish to report those as spam and block their authors?

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