Thursday, March 15, 2012

Giving up on dA

I finally cleared out my deviantART account and had it deactivated.

I wasn't quite certain I could get this far with it.  Every week, it seemed I would upset someone so I wanted to stop.  I've been rather upset over the deaths of my mum and my uncle and I needed to change, but I just took my feelings to dA and pushed them on people.  That's bad form and it's unfortunate for the victims of my emotional drivel.

I've tried several times to go to the site today, since I had my account deactivated, as a force of habit.  I'll have to find a way to deal with the change.  It's part of a long list of things to handle.

I spent a fair amount of time with Yelp today, gathering photos for local businesses.  I hope someone appreciates it.  It's not like volunteers are paid and Yelp is a business, even though it relies on volunteers to give opinions.

It's perfect for me because I have an abundance of opinions.  I'm not saying that I'm correct for most people, but that it's important to let people know when something is really good or really bad.  If more people can have a smoother time in life, why not help?

I'd rather know about a bad place before I spend money there, wouldn't you?

I went to IKEA the other day.  I love the place.  I've been shopping at IKEA since the late 1980s and they always have great food and household items.  Where else can I get prepared salmon at a good price?  They serve it in the restaurant, but you can buy the salmon on the way out of the stores, in the snack shop or whatever they call it.

I also went to a mall and I was surprised how many stores were empty.  Down the road, a Korean grocery store was doing well and so was Sam's Club.  By the time I was ready to leave the area, I realized that I didn't have enough cash to get another meal.  The salmon + soda was more expensive that anticipated at around $8-$9.  Thankfully, there was a bank branch close, on the way to Popeyes Chicken, one of my favourites.

However, I look at all of this some times, and I think "what's the point?".  Is there really a reason to continue?

I still haven't pulled out the dSLR to capture some amazing photos.  On the way to IKEA, I wanted to stop and get some industrial photos from some old factories and such, and it was later in the day than expected and I just continued, so I could get lunch and avoid a migraine.

What's life without photography, without expressing yourself so that others can know your joy or even your pain?

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