Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Apple Watch: Who will Buy? Update: Series 2 announced

Obviously, the watch is out of the bag, after their Spring Ahead event.

I've been asking for a while about this product, especially as Sony and Samsung have made failure after failure.  Pebble is really the only company that has made an interesting product that works in a way that is desirable and useful.

Apple changed their idea to make it a medical device, as they were having a difficult time with reliable information.  Still, they have some applications in mind, and will likely end up solving the problems eventually.

It's easy to guess who will be the first buyers--the fashion conscious, even though the smaller face is still a bit large for a woman.  There should likely be a large group of iPhone users who will buy the phone no matter what.  The fashion conscious will buy one and a few bands, naturally.

On the other hand, I belong to a group who finds value important and doesn't currently wear a watch.  I haven't worn a watch since maybe 2005 or 2006.  That is a long time without one.  Also, my most expensive watch was around US$150.  The minimal Apple Watch will be over twice that much.

I suppose this would mean much more to me if I kept my phone in a bag.  With my photographic equipment and a computer in my bags, I don't keep my phone in there.  It's usually in a front pocket.

I was at the nearest Apple Store today and they were pretty happy to get the new "experience" display for the watch.  They tried to increase my enthusiasm but I'm just not into it.  By the way, you need an appointment for the experience of trying the watch.

Supposedly, there are many restrictions to keep things more orderly at the start.  Once everything is comfortable and they have more supplies, it will surely become more casual.

Who will stand in line at the first?

Update 2015.04.10: They're already sold out of the first batch today, and all of the categories are apparently available in 4-6 weeks.  Seriously?  Maybe, there were fewer available than expected.  Certainly, the big deal about sapphire watch crystals and GT Advanced lengthened the wait.  Drama over watches?  Who knew?

Update 2015.04.21: Google seems to be finishing an update that will be useful, if only for retaining current Android Wear customers.  I suspect that as soon as Samsung get their hands on Apple's Watch, they'll be seeing what they can use, but Apple and Google will carefully copy each other, making smart watches actually useful.  At some point, the majority may want watches, though I'm skeptical that will ever happen.

Update 2015.09.20: With WatchOS 2, they seem to be adding more, early functionality.  Remembering how the iPhone's operating system evolved, I'm betting that Apple's watch will become significantly more powerful.

It's sold well enough, apparently, but it's not exactly phenomenal--typical early Apple product.  I still don't see a need for me to have one.

Update 2016.09.08: Apple announced a new set of iPhones yesterday, along with a new watch.  The new watch has some differences, such as improved water-resistance and a brighter display.   Battery life is supposedly quite a bit better but that's going to take a while to prove.

The operating system is continually being re-thought.  This is how Apple gets things working properly and why I was so frustrated with Android and Google.  Apple will see what works and change what doesn't work until it is useful.

If you're wondering, I'm still not buying one, even though the original watch price has been discounted permanently.

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