Thursday, November 14, 2013

DPReview's most-clicked

For years, I've seen a list of DPReview's most clicked cameras.  They have always included some mix of Canon and Nikon equipment, as though each faction will not let the other win.

On occasion, you will see Pentax or Olympus or Fuji or Sony sneak into the top list, and then, promptly be forced to the bottom and then, off the list entirely for a while.  Sometime, they return, as when a preview turns into a review.

Amusingly, the Olympus OM-D E-M5 ended up their camera of the year in 2012, as to say to the Canikon crowd, "We've had enough of you!"  Still, the most-clicked list has continued to have both Canon and Nikon equipment, until November 6th, when I saw this:

I'm not saying that it means a lot, but it is a surprising departure, and the list has not had a single Canon camera on it for several days.  You have to wonder if the whole lot of them are at some Canon-sponsored event and can't be bothered to visit DPReview now.

Update: the whole situation is slowly going back to normal with a few Canon products on the list.  I wonder if they somehow stopped counting the Canon products or banned them from the list due to "stuffing the ballot box" type of behaviour.

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