Monday, September 23, 2013

Apple iOS 7: 50 reasons why I didn't wait to update

I'm cautious.  I don't want anyone in my business, as much as it can be avoided.  That said, internet privacy is impossible and guarding your phone or other mobile device is essential.

When I read that Apple has left us hanging again with 50 open security issues, I was ready to update.  Why they don't provide security updates is beyond me.  If Al Franken is so worried about the ridiculous finger print scanner security, why isn't he worried about the 50 open security issues (or making Congress do some work, like the budget)?

Over and over, I've updated to the newer release of the operating system, not because I thought that it would be fun, but because Apple haven't been providing security updates.  If their own people are using the phone knowing that there are problems, why aren't they worried about their own security?

In any case, I went to the Apple Store in Cincinnati in Kenwood Towne Center and had to remove a few things before it would download and install the update.  It took quite a while, but it gave me a chance to become more familiar with the store and the newer products.  I really didn't know that Thule was making computer and phone-related products.  The MacBook Air and iPad case looked amazing.  I have one of their bike racks, so I find the company interesting, although I wouldn't go out of my way to buy all sorts of their products.

The phones felt very light, but I have an Otterbox Defender on my iPhone 4S, which weighs it down.  One of the store associates mentioned that I wouldn't need it and I suggested that we go to the phones and do some drop testing.  She declined.

As with my white MacBook, I think the polycarbonate iPhone 5c will be fairly good, as long as it lands on its back, but I would still add a silcone case.  Being that the iPhone 5s is mostly alumi(nium/num), I would think that it would dent easily, but obviously not shatter the way the iPhone 4S does.  It was odd but they had their own cases in display cases toward the center of each table.  I wasn't sure why the iPhone 5s cases were made of leather, but I suppose the people who would object won't be shopping at the Apple Store anyway.

I guess the company is doing well with the new phones.  Certain display models were missing, so I can only assume that they've already been sold.  The Gold iPhone 5s was missing and so was the White iPhone 5c.  They both seemed like upscale products, even though the colors of the less expensive model were extremely bright and saturated.  I'd have to think twice about the Green or Yellow and four times about the salmon but having good LTE support would be a step up, even if LTE carrier support is still very limited.

Update: the phone with iOS 7.0.2 is working fairly well.  For the most part, it's not had a problem that wasn't there in 6.1.3.  It's not as smooth or quick but that's to be expected until 7.1, which will likely arrive in January.  Currently, they're finishing a version for the new iPad models to be introduced next week, so that's a priority.  I'm surprised that the performance is as good as it is.

Update 2013.10.25: iOS 7.0.3 is out and it has improvements, though I'm not really feeling them.  Performance is sufficient until January when version 7.1 should be available.

Update 2013.11.14: iOS 7.0.4 is out and supposedly it only addresses a Facetime bug.  I haven't downloaded it yet, simply because it hasn't been shown to me yet through Software Update.  I'm sure iTunes will show it to me but at nearly 900 MB, I don't think so.  I'll download it through my mobile hotspot and get the much, much smaller version. 

Update 2014.01.17: iOS 7.1 is supposedly being delayed until March and there apparently is nothing else in-between.  I've become acclimated to the performance, so I can live with it--as if I had a choice--but it's definitely not at its full potential.  The good thing for me is that I switched to the iPhone 5c and it performs better than my iPhone 4s anyway.

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