Saturday, August 24, 2013

Google pushing Google+, through YouTube this time

Is this their way of trying to knock down Facebook?  They push users into Google+, as they did earlier when requiring you to take Google+ to get a mail account.

I posted my first YouTube video (a car dealer did the free 20,000 mile service but a defective part or their fat fingers apparently caused a massive fuel leak and they didn't notice it--or replenish the fuel after "solving" the issue) but when I went to the web interface, it told me that it was "upgrading" my experience.  It wanted to change my name and other characteristics to be compatible with Google+.  I clicked that I was fine with the current name and tried to continue.  I was told that I had to tick the box saying that I was fine with Google+ terms and conditions.

I already had Google+ and didn't like it.  I don't want to be a Google fanatic.  I don't want to listen to Google fanatics.  I don't want to listen to Apple fanatics, either.  I don't like fanatics!!!  :-D

I can see where I'm going to have to rid myself of this blog, as well as the YouTube account, my e-mail account, and everything else Google, if I want to continue.  Gaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!1111oneoneone

If Google is the salvation of humanity, why can't they just let me save myself?  Join!  Join!  Join!

It's not that I hate Google.  In fact, I appreciate that they've been pushing both Microsoft and Apple to do better.  I tried their 2012 Nexus 7--actually two of them--and returned them both, but was thankful that the experience with Android 4.x was so much better than 2.x.

Update 2013.11.07: I ended up submitting to Google to change my name on YouTube, which they took as free rein to add Google+ to my Google account.  Gee, thanks.  Now, they can say that they have another Google+ user during their next numbers boasting speech.  I won't be using Google+ though.

I'm as upset with Apple recently turning off synchronization of Contacts within iTunes on (Mac) OS X 9.x, which is part of the reason I'm slow to adopt new operating system versions.  Of course, while re-writing the iWork apps, they threw out functionality, as they did with Final Cut Pro X.  They have mostly redeemed themselves with the additions to Final Cut Pro X, but iWork is being given away with new machines.  They want feature parity across (Mac) OS X and iOS but they can't or won't add to the iOS versions.

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