Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thank you, readers!

I want to thank everyone who takes time to read what I write.  While these are my observations and opinions, I hope that they help someone else to make great decisions and skip some of the same searching I did.

I crossed 5000 a few days ago, and I'm at 5325 (5491 not quite six days later!!  Almost 1 month later with 6218, and 7900 about 2 months later) views as of now.  Those are quite a few views for a blog that isn't advertised at all.

In the grand scheme of life, this blog might not mean much but it has been my hope that it helps people in good, smaller ways.

I was outraged at how much the shopping networks were charging for their crappy accessories added to a good tablet, so I wrote about it.  Quite a few people have read that entry--it's been read over 700 times.

When I was trying to decide my next camera body, it took a lot of time to come to a decision, and many people have read about that.  I also try to cut through the specifications and the reviews bias to help you make better decisions.  Am I biased?  Perhaps.  I'm currently happy with products from certain brands (in no certain order):

  • Apple computers but my iPhone is a 50-50.  It can be a pain.
  • Canon printers, but I wouldn't want their photographic equipment
  • Western Digital hard drives
  • OtherWorld Computing for Mac accessories and especially my SSD
  • Oakley sunglasses
  • Kona bicycles
  • Sennheiser, Yamaha, Infinity, and yes, even select Bose (901 series VI) audio equipment
  • Volkswagen cars but I would have been okay with Mazda, Subaru, or possibly Suzuki
  • UCC milk coffee and teas
  • Wawa iced tea and other items in southeastern Pennsylvania and Florida
  • Turkey Hill iced tea and ice cream
  • Olympus cameras and lenses, although Panasonic is working for me too, Nikon would be good
  • Otterbox phone cases, though Ballistic looks a good bet
  • DirecTV because it's never a pain
  • Nong Shim for their awesome ramen
  • Phase One Capture One 7 Pro photo software

I appreciate Yelp for the reviews, all taken with a massive grain of salt, as well as Travel Advisor.  Oh, have you been interested in Angie's List?  It's a paid subscription.  Companies can't advertise there but do you get good reviews, really?  Anyone can cheat.

There are so many rip-offs in the world.  I don't want to pay for them, and you shouldn't either, so if I see them, I'll write about them.

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