Friday, April 19, 2013

Internet privacy--don't be naive!

My first thought was to leave the content empty--a blank page.

There is no internet privacy!

If you want privacy from the internet, disconnect!

So, anyway, I'm amused far too much by what people say.

It's like people on privately-owned forums claiming their national rights to freedom of speech.  Seriously, in private forums?

Update 2013.06.09: the NSA et alia have been accused at having their hooks into our personal data via various companies, and that they record information about telephone calls.  They don't record the call, supposedly, but just information about who was called and where you were at the time.  I would think that they would record the call until the listening software determines that the call has no bearing on anything interesting and, if that's the case, it would delete the recording.  You can't rewind a live conversation but you can delete a partial recording.

I read about an announcement that was happening on Labour Day--May 1st.  Many people retorted that it wasn't, with one person saying that it was the first Monday in September--the U.S.A.'s Labor Day.

Are people really so naive?

I've been uploading some of my sports photography photos to Instagram for a while and I've been asked a couple of times to photograph someone's games or meets.  One student athlete was very insistent and when I told him that it was 2400 miles away, he just went away.  Do people really think that everyone is local?

Maybe, I'm being too positive about the thinking bit.  Are people thinking at all?

People have so much potential but it takes effort and it seems that the current generations don't want to work so hard in many aspects of life.  Do other people wonder as much as I do about the fate of the people in 50 years?  I wonder if people will even maintain civilization or if they'll become scavengers since they won't know how to "cook" without a microwave oven and a frozen package.

Update 2013.11.20: I just saw something about Macy's and an app on iOS called Shopkick.  It uses the iOS 7 iBeacon technology to help you locate pertinent items.  In this case, what Macy's wants you to buy.  There was an uproar from a few people on MacRumors about such technology being used to invade their privacy.  I can't imagine why.  If you don't use the app, nothing will happen.  Is there a chance that another app will abuse the technology?  Of course!

When you use FourSquare or Yelp (or Checkpoints, if it's still active), you agree to be tracked and your information used.  When you check-in somewhere, your friends can see it instantly, if they choose.  I'm sure the information is used to provide a profile on you for future advertising.  It could also be used for suggestions, as to where you might want to shop or eat, based on your history.  Oh, that's like or Newegg watching your browsing of their merchandise and making suggestions.  Someone on MacRumors mentioned, as if it was a safer alternative.  Seriously, stay awake and aware.  Your mind is always the best tool to avoiding disaster.

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