Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Diesel up, gasoline down--diesel down, gasoline up

As I'm adjusting to using diesel fuel instead of gasoline, I noted that diesel fuel was up 40 cents per gallon since I got my car a few weeks ago.  Gasoline was driven down until recently when certain refineries went offline.

While I understand that except for light trucks and a few Mercedes-Benz, and Volkswagen models, there aren't many consumer diesel-driven vehicles and the price will fluctuate, I'm sure there is more to the price of gasoline being prodded in a certain direction.

If there isn't much demand, you can't really get people to pay what you want, unless they need a refill at that time.  At 29 mpg, I could generally wait weeks to see what happened.  Now, at 35-40 mpg, I can hope that diesel fuel changes to what I want.

It all feels like we're being herded to slaughter by the oil companies and/or refiners.  May their party funds go empty waiting for us to pay.  I don't mind any company making a reasonable profit, but when regular people have to choose between getting to a job and eating, should there be that sort of a choice?

Oh, and just for fun, I went to a filling station that had a single diesel pump around the back, in the dark.  I wasn't about to be mugged but it's interesting when the gasoline pumps under the canopy are well lit.

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