Thursday, December 20, 2012

The end is near...oh emm gee!

I joke frequently about the end of the world being the fault of the Spanish, whose troops killed the Mayan calendar maker so no more calendars were made.

It's not so different than my joke about 666 being upside down and the correct number was 999, and as FORTRAN programmers will recall, "GOTO 999" was often paired with "999: END" in that language's programmes to cease programme execution.  Truly the end.

If anything truly happens, I'll be surprised and delighted.  For once, someone will be correct about the end of the world.  However, it will likely just include the human infestation (Star Trek: The Motion Picture), and the cockroaches will continue.

People might arrive on the planet millennia later and think that we obliterated ourselves with our stupidity.  How could a people be able to put a computing device in their pocket and couldn't stop ridiculous violence?

The whole world has felt the sting of murders, such as those in Newtown, Connecticut and Toronto, Ontario recently.  Canada is much less in love with guns than the U.S.A., yet a similar incident happened.  How do military weapons end up outside the military?

Oh, and there is another end: the fiscal cliff.  This Congress has been in session for 2 years and didn't accomplish anything that I can recall.  I can't recall a Congress so useless, even when Pres. Nixon and Carter were in office.  This Congress spent all their time trying to undo the previous 2 years and achieved nothing of their own.  Now, they're blaming everything on the president, who as they might recall, has no ability to make laws.  They are the anchor to this sinking ship.

We've had some tremendous weather today.  I'm not talking about sunshine and moderate temperatures.  We've had high winds, rain, and overnight, it'll all turn to snow and ice, as the temperatures drop steadily.  I just had someone at the door to tell me how some company from New York got the state of Indiana to invest in a natural gas facility.  It's awful outside and they couldn't organize months ago?  Besides, they should know by now that the holiday season has left a lot of empty pockets by now.

Well, if the end is near, it'll be a welcome change.  Life is too stressful at this point, and only a major catastrophe could change that.  You never know.  Maybe, aliens (from space) will come and take us all away to be enslaved on another planet to serve milk and cookies to Santa Claus.

Hmm...I think we missed out.  Durn.  I'm still here.  You're still here.  We had Christmas Day and plenty of people will have to pay their credit card bills for those once-in-a-lifetime items they bought just because the world was ending.  Oops.

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