Tuesday, November 6, 2012

iPad mini will probably drive full-sized iPad sales higher

I wrote earlier in the year that I wanted a 7.x inch iPad since the 7 inch Android tablets just weren't right for me.

However, after trying Apple's iPad mini (rumored since the second generation iPad was rumored), I don't think it's for me.  Sure, it's a good size, but there are too many compromises at the current time, even as a refurbished device, for me to buy.
  • Device width: it's a bit too wide for my hand and so, it's slightly uncomfortable whereas the Nexus 7 is just right.
  • Screen resolution: I've known that it would be 1024x768 for over a year and the bigger the display, the less great any resolution is.  Does an HD tv look better at 70 inches than at 42 inches?  No.  It's the same 1920x1080.  You have to sit further away to not see the problems with the low resolution.  1024x768 also won't play 720p resolution (1280x720) movies correctly since it has to downsize them.
  • An older processor: mind you, the screen resolution drives which processor is needed but not putting better hardware into it seems odd, unless you're planning next year to put a better, but still old processor into it and call it improved.  I could see where they have plans to replace the A5 with the A6 and leave the price the same.  No, thanks.
  • Price: I'm all for companies making a fair profit but Apple, you're trying to re-coup all your costs at once.  Even a $30 cheaper price would have made the compromises easier to swallow.

Half of me wants to drive to Cupertino and ask people in charge what they were thinking.  Yes, it's as portable as I wanted.  Yes, it integrates with my current software for iOS.  No, it's not what I want.  For the price they're asking, I'd get a refurbished third generation iPad for a bit more money and be rather careful trying to use it in tight spaces.  Yes, the performance of the fourth generation is excellent but this is about price--and dock connectors, too, which are also about price.

The other half of me wants to be a renegade and somehow push iOS into my Nexus 7 tablet, so I have a great tablet and a great operating system.

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