Sunday, September 9, 2012

New iPhone? Who cares?

In November 2011, I bought my first iPhone, a 4S model with 32 GB of storage.  It's been more than sufficient, but it's also been a pain at times.  In reality, it's no worse or no better than an Android-based phone.  I had one of those the previous year.

Apple and Google are figuring it out as they go along.  For that matter, so is Microsoft.

When I bought the iPhone 4S, someone at the Sprint store said that I'd be buying the new one in a year.  I shook my head, as there was a 2 year contract, and I didn't care that much to switch.  The main reason I switched from my Android-based phone was that it was short on storage and getting so many low storage warnings was annoying.  Gingerbread wasn't any more bug-free than Froyo was.  Had they put Ice Cream Sandwich on it and tripled the storage, I might still be using that phone.

I don't see a reason to pay a huge fee and buy a new iPhone model simply because there is no good reason.  They'll go to a less breakable form using stronger materials?  That's good but it's been said that it's thinner than the current model.  Why?  Keep it the same thickness and increase the protection and/or battery capacity.

It will have a bigger, longer display?  Great, but there isn't anything wrong with the current display for me.  960x640 is a good resolution, and the graphics hardware still doesn't quite keep up with it, although it's better than the iPhone 4 could do.  I'm sure they'll upgrade the hardware but if it only equals the performance of the 4S, they're not doing enough.

The rumour about the LTE capabilities gives me a bit of hope.  They've supposedly decided to work with various carriers around the world to provide compatible LTE frequencies and make the phone worthwhile, as the premium phone it is.  I've used WiMAX and LTE and have found both to be useful.  Besides, for those of us still on 3G technologies, moving people to close-to-4G technologies (WiMAX Plus and LTE Advanced were given 4G branding by ITU) will offload 3G data capacity and help people with older equipment.  Since so many people own smart phones at this time, any diversification would be helpful.  In a country so big (4000km/2800 miles wide on my last trip), you can't hope for coverage everywhere you go.

While I'm glad to see that Apple (and Google) are continuing to make progress, I'm glad to sit this one out and wait for the customers to file lawsuits about something they didn't research.  How much can you expect from people who don't know that hot coffee is hot?

As the new iPhone models will be announced shortly, so will iOS 6 and the latest bugs out of Cupertino, California.  I'm still waiting for iOS 5.2 and hoping for 5.3 but they've stopped.  Apple need to change their behaviour about this.  They do not provide security updates for previous releases.  Mobile phones would seem to be more vulnerable than any other devices simply because they're constantly connected.  If Apple care so much about security (actions speak louder than words, I'm told), then the company should do something to prove it.

Still, I'm looking forward to announcements this week and I'm wondering if a couple new iPad models will be included.

Already, delivery has slipped to 2-3 weeks for pre-orders.  I'm guessing that it's a minor success so far.  I'm expecting to hear how millions were pre-ordered.

One more thing: I just saw "Backside illumination sensor" and I'm thinking that someone will ask why they would want their backside illuminated while doing video with their family.

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