Monday, August 27, 2012

Samsung lost to Apple in various ways but...

I don't agree with lawsuits, in general.  I think there are better ways to resolve situations, unless the two sides just can't meet in the middle.  What's happened here should have been clear: Samsung copied Apple user interface elements and animation to replicate Apple's device experience.

Does it matter?  I'm just not certain.  I think it's annoying that they would copy.  My Samsung SPH-A900/Blade was a copy of a Motorola RAZR, and the name was obviously a rip-off.  If Motorola had patented the design, would they have been in court to stop Samsung?  Probably.

In fact, HandSpring/Palm, Nokia, and Motorola all had designs and design elements lifted by Samsung and added to Samsung's devices.  For that alone, Samsung should be sitting alone in the corner thinking about what they had done, just as school children who copy are set aside.

This is where I differ from the jury.  I don't see $1.05 billion in damages.  They should each pay their court-related costs and shut up.

As much as I don't like Samsung and I like Apple equipment (but not their legal department), both companies act like spoiled children and should be punished accordingly.  We need a global government to address these situations.

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