Monday, June 4, 2012


Adorama has sent me a couple of flyers and e-mails with some wild accessories for iPhone 4S.  iPhone 4S, seriously?  I was thinking that when I turned the page.

Here is the link to their page:

I was noticing a few things in particular:

  • Holga has a lens filter kit $29.99
  • Steadicam has a device for making smoother videos $179.95
  • Schneider Optics has a case and 2 lens set $189.00
  • Cineskates rolling tripod for video US$284.95

These aren't really cheap items, except the case/filter kit, and they're not toys really.  Can you imagine doing serious work by using 10 iPhones with various angles of view to record a scene?  I couldn't do it, but if people could work with Super 8 film, why couldn't they do it with 1080p recordings?

Add to these hardware products a number of enhanced still and video software products on iPhone itself, and you've got a capable on-the-go studio.  Once again, it's not for me, but if you're creative and lacking money but have several friends with an iPhone, it could work.  Who says you need US$5000 and up for video equipment?

As a long time (8 years) dSLR user and someone who has done a lot of photography since the 1970s, I wouldn't have an iPhone as my camera, but for people who want a snapshot, it's quite good.  I would imagine that the video capture is quite good, as well.  The head-to-head phone tests I've seen rate the iPhone 4S camera as one of the best.  Seeing What Digital Camera engage in such tests makes me laugh because I never thought phone cameras would be so good so early.  They're my go-to magazine and if they're taking it seriously, there could be something to it.  Maybe this digital revolution will continue.

The only trouble I see in using an iPhone 4S for serious photography/videography is that the phone needs a serious case and I'm not sure most of the special purpose cases will keep the glass from breaking.  There have been some faint rumours of an Apple camera, about the time Polaroid showed their Android-based camera, but I doubt Apple will get into that business again.  The QuickTake series died along with the Newton OS/Messenger/MessagePad lines but you should never count against Apple.  Who knew that they'd be the most valuable company (on paper, at least) in the world.

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