Monday, June 11, 2012

Apple really should give away their products

You can't satisfy all of the people, any of the time.  Apple should give away their products, and even then, I don't believe they'd make some people happy.

I'm always amused in the weeks prior to new product announcements from Apple.  People see the rumours and they add to them fantastic bits that would never happen.  Then, when the presentation is finished, they feel betrayed that Apple didn't do what they wanted.

I'd think that most people would live in reality and understand from history that a company can only do so much.  Many companies are in business to make money, not to make fantasy products.  Am I correct?

Today, at World-wide Developer Conference, Apple introduced a new, slimmer version of the MacBook Pro, somewhat wedged in-between the form factor of the MacBook Air and the current MacBook Pro.  It's quite thin, but still has awesome graphics hardware, plus a much higher density display.

Those of us who regularly use Japanese, Chinese, Korean, or similarly intricate languages will find the new display useful, as was the display on the iPhone 4 and newer (third generation) iPad.  Of course, it requires a lot of graphics power to maintain the previous visual throughput and they included nVidia's GT 650M hardware to push 4 times the pixels.  I predicted something like this when they introduced the original MacBook Air, so it's good to see that they're introducing it now.

I'm still okay with the current MacBook Pro line and of course, the refurbished machines have dropped in price so this could be a great time to get a model from late 2011.  The newest MacBook Pro (regular size) has the same upgraded graphics hardware, so it would be more capable for 3D work and play, but my money is on the discount and not being sucked into the current, soon to be revealed, problems.  There are always new problems!

It's a bit unfortunate that not much was changed with the MacBook Air but there isn't much room.  Intel's pathetic integrated graphics hardware became a little less pathetic with the HD 4000 series, so the MacBook Air does better in graphics throughput that the MacBook Air that was using the Core 2 Duo and nVidia 320M integrated graphics, finally.  Were those 2 years ago?  Congratulations, Intel, you're only merely behind now, instead of really behind the rest of the world!

You have to wonder what would happen if Apple made AMD/ATI choices available.  I wouldn't expect miracles but AMD have some integrated CPU/GPU packages that are quite nice.  It might be interesting to consider what would happen if Apple completed their company by buying AMD, ARM, and Sony.  If AMD wasn't always on the edge, they might do much better.  Of course, buying ARM and Sony would lead to anti-trust issues, and someone might think that they were trying to eliminate the competition.  However, as big as Apple have become on paper, they could still grow and be manageable.

What's not manageable are the fanatics.  Since the announcement, some are crying, others are laughing, and still others are angry, but Apple never seems to leave people emotionally blank.

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