Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Nishiki, Connections, and me

I was amused recently when buying a bicycle helmet.  The brand is Nishiki, which is also the brand of my rice, and which is also the river that flowed through the town where I was born.  Woohoo!  that's a bit bizarre.

Then, thinking back to my previous address, I had an odd connection to Harry Potter's Uncle and Aunt's address.  Privet and Ligustrum are related to the same family of green plants.

I also had a strange connection to the main character in Ninja Assassin who is named Raizo, although I can't really explain it here.

I hope it's a good day where you are.  I saw that investors in Facebook are not so happy and have been evacuating the sinking ship, so I'm sure the administration at that company are wondering what to do.  However, Google dropped from their initial price for a while, though that company had more to offer.  When Facebook joins MySpace and Friendster, no one will be that happy.

Apple have really been throwing curve balls lately.  We've been led to believe that there are some amazing products arriving in 2012, but I'm not that amazed yet.  If they announce laptop computers with displays that have doubled resolution in both directions (as they did with the 3rd generation iPad), will you be amazed?  I've had loads of trouble with the Mac App Store these past few weeks, I have to wonder if anyone at Apple tests anything.  Then again, I had my id10t error last week with my iPhone 4S, not that I'm doing anything new on the computer.

Is the world more friendly lately?  For the longest time, it seemed as though people were more selfish, worried about number one, but the past week or so, people seem more friendly, even though I'm hurting more.  I'd love to see people helping each other and being friendly.  Maybe, it was the eclipse.

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