Thursday, March 22, 2012

The world is a 3 ring circus

I wonder if things will ever settle again.

Every day, we hear about how bad things are and how we're going to suffer.  Outside, I see the sunshine, and think that, no matter what happens, we'll live our lives anyway.

Are more people being more violent or is it just that we have such great communication that we're aware of these situations?  I suspect that we're actually less violent today but these incidents are more pronounced because of the lack of day-to-day violence and the lack of war.

People I've known often referred to the 1950s as a wonderful decade.  I suppose that's true, if you happened to be a white male living in the U.S.A.  White females were subservient because that's what they were expected to do.  My mum wasn't one of those.  She joined the Navy out of high school because she didn't want to be a secretary.  She wanted to be a police officer.  In the end, she was a clerk at a desk in the Navy because that's what most women did, if they weren't nurses.  Of course, there was Grace Hopper, retired a Rear Admiral, but she graduated from Vassar, the most elite school for women.  She helped bring life to the business computer programming language COBOL through the CODASYL work.  I believe she was also responsible for the coining of the term "bug" as it related to computer programming, though her first bug was quite alive.

Do the people of the world need to awaken and accept each other?  I think so.  There are too many starving because we have too many politicians helping each other and not helping the people they're supposed to serve.  It's much like the 1950s where we want material things and to get ahead of our neighbours, even though that makes our lives worse in the end.  We need to talk to people, not ignore them.

I wonder if mobile phones, mp3 players, and portable games are making us less aware of our surroundings and both ignorant and more selfish than ever.

I wanted to delete all of this and start again.  It's probably the wise decision because people don't want to read controversy, do they?  They only want to see it displayed on a screen.  I hope for the people to find a way to get along with each other.  I hope that they'll find that their differences are smaller than their similarities, and that we all need each other.

I took some time last time to write some medical-related reviews on Yelp, concerning my mum.  I cried and I hurt and I think I don't want to write anything else for a while.  I need to leave the 3 ring circus and get back on the road to find my life.  If you know where my life or sanity is, please tell me.  People close to me would be grateful.

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